Film Photography Studio

At Nightview Studios, we offer two different film photography studios in North Hollywood, CA, to our clients looking for an industrial modern space to host a multitude of different film or photography shoots. From film school classes to professionally produced commercials, we have the studio for you. Equipped with VIP spaces, vanity rooms, and more, our studio is the best place in North Hollywood for a shoot.


Film Photography Studio Options

Stage 1 Floor Space

Stage 1

Stage 1 is an extremely spacious studio, spanning 4,750 square feet of available shooting space and 1,410 square feet of stage. Two walls are covered in a white backdrop, perfect for any shoot. We have 15 LED space lights that can provide daylight- or tungsten-style lighting. On top of the customary amenities, we also have a projection screen with AV capabilities, natural light availability, and a 9’8″ x 10′ roll-up door so you can seamlessly move props in and out of the studio. Additionally, we have lounge seating and tables for catering, vanity rooms, and a VIP room with a private restroom to ensure comfort for your stars. Additionally, we have editing bays and production support for onsite work.

Stage 2 Lounge Area

Stage 2

Stage 2 is slightly smaller than stage 1, with 2,230 square feet of shooting space as well as 527 square feet of stage with three white backdrop walls and 6 LED space lights that can be changed to daylight or tungsten options. This stage also offers a 10′ by 8′ roll-up door, allowing you to easily transport things in and out of the studio space. Stage 2 also provides lounge seating and tables for catering service, as well as a private vanity and VIP room with a private restroom.

For more information on our film photography studio, contact us now, and a member of the Nightview Studio Team will be happy to assist you!